December 2008

Wednesday, 24th December, 2008

Apartment X Bare Bones Barber Shop Skateboard

Boxing day is the official release date for the Apartment X Bare Bones Barber Shop skateboards. Nothing more than great friends coming together to support our common interest. Available both at Apartment and Bare Bones Barber Shop. Limited to 200.


Wednesday, 24th December, 2008

Arkitip X Peter Saville

Peter Saville is probably best known for his Joy Division cover art for Unknown Pleasure. He also did all the New Order album art. More recent collaboration includes an apparel line for DC snow and the Arkitip X Peter Saville issue available now


Friday, 19th December, 2008

Alex Knost - Nine Lives

Don’t forget this is tonight!

Japanese Motors playing at Alhambra after the show.