August 2010

Monday, 30th August, 2010

Neighborhood “Black Icon” 2nd delivery

Neighborhood’s 2nd delivery of the “Black Icon” range has arrived. Jeans, Shirts, Bags and accessories.

“Bliss” Tee – Black

“Bliss” Tee – White

“Bar & Shield” Tee – Black

“Head Light” Shirt

“Beyond Savage” Mid – Black (Front)

“Beyond Savage” Mid – Black (Back)

“Beyond Savage” Mid – Indigo (Front)

“Beyond Savage” Mid – Indigo (Back)

“UGMT 3204” Shoulder Bag – Black

“UGMT 3204” Shoulder Bag – Olive Drab

“UGMT 3204” Tote Bag – Black

“UGMT 3204” Tote Bag – Olive Drab

“Sus” Suspenders – Black

“Maze” Bangles – Black, Blue, White


Tuesday, 24th August, 2010

Opening Ceremony

Apartment welcomes another new brand to the store this week. Opening Ceremony is a company that was originally founded in New York City and quickly established itself as one of the most forward thinking boutiques in the world. Now they have stores all over the world, including the most recent 7 level store in Tokyo. Opening Ceremony also have their own complete in house label that is stocked throughout some of the worlds finest boutiques.

Whilst being a complete clothing label, we are only representing the footwear line of the brand. For our first season we are doing one their more famous models, the M1 Desert Boot. Opening Ceremony’s take on the classic desert boot, the M1 silhouette is quite slim and minimal in design. Made by the fine shoemakers of Portugal.

M1 Desert Boot – Black Leather

M1 Desert Boot – Brown Leather

M1 Desert Boot – Black Suede

M1 Desert Boot – Navy Suede

M1 Desert Boot – Leather Sole (Detail)


Saturday, 14th August, 2010

Neighborhood AW10 “Black Icon”

Apartment is proud to officially present Neighborhood into the store.

It’s really just a teaser for the brand, with only a few pieces arriving from the upcoming collection entitled “Black Icon”.

For those not familiar, Neighborhood was founded in Tokyo in 1994 by Shinsuke Takizawa, and since then has developed into being one of the most influential brands to ever come out of Japan. Their unique approach through all the processes of building their brand, their attention to detail in their design and craftsmanship, their unwavering vision for what there brand should be no matter what is happening in the wider trends, and the highly selective nature in which they select companies to represent their brand, has garnered them one of the most loyal followings of any brand in Japan and abroad. Neighborhood has been a pioneer in the Harajuku movement and remains one of the benchmark Japanese brands most respected by their peers.

Check out the collection as it continues to arrive in store over the next couple of weeks.

The first release will be available on Monday 16th August. Be quick as there are only limited quantities.


Wednesday, 4th August, 2010

Jean Touitou on Interview Magazine.

Interview is done by the equally influential Fraser Cooke.

When thinking of understated, minimal men’s and women’s clothing with that hard-to-define effortless something, the name Atelier de Production et de Création, or A.P.C., is one that immediately springs to mind. Jean Touitou started the label in 1987 as a reaction to what he saw as the loud, money-focused, gaudy mood of the ’80s. An idealist and revolutionary who had fallen somehow unexpectedly into fashion in the late ’70s, Touitou, born in Tunisia and raised in Paris, was looking for a movement and couldn’t find one, so he decided to create an alternative to what he saw around him. Relying more upon his gut instincts and amalgamating his genuine interests (such as music) and friends into the mix rather than following a more traditional business approach, Jean Touitou’s A.P.C. has established a somewhat timeless chic that has continued to resonate some 23 years, now with a whole new generation appreciating the brand and new stores opening in New York and Paris this year.

Read the rest of the article/interview here