August 2011

Wednesday, 24th August, 2011

Bedwin & The Heartbreakers

2011 SS – “Raspberry Beret”

“Michael” O.G Summer Wool Jacket – Navy

“Joey” Quilting Jacket – Black Camo / Black (Reversible)

“Allen” Cardigan – Grey

“Allen” Cardigan – Black

“Bob” Work Shirt – Blue

“Bob” Work Shirt – Red

“Brian” Oxford Shirt – Grey

Bedwin x Dickies “Tripster” Pants – Camel

Bedwin x Dickies “Tripster” Pants – Grey

Bedwin x Dickies “Tripster” Pants – Black

Bedwin x Dickies “Tripster” Pants – Beige

“Warfield” Chukka Boot – Black (Made by Regal)

“Warfield” Chukka Boot – Biege (Made by Regal)

“Warfield” Chukka Bott – Blue (Made by Regal)

“Terry” Canvas Belt – Olive, Navy, Black

“Dennis” Hickory Tie – Indigo

“Dennis” Cotton Chambray Tie – Navy, S. Blue, Red

“Dennis” Cotton Heringbone Tie – Black, Beige, Khaki, Navy

“Dennis” Double Stripe Tie – Black/Blue , Navy/Orange, Orange/Black, Burgundy/Blue, Green/S.Blue


Wednesday, 24th August, 2011


2011 SS – “Muddy Town”

“Memphis” Blazer – Black

“Memphis” Blazer – Blue

“Memphis” Blazers – Beige

“Bittersweet” Cardigan – Navy

“Impala” 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan – Red

Radar Shirt – Blue Check

“Maryland” Pants – Beige

“Thunder Bolt” Pants – Beige

“Thunder Bolt” Pants – Grey

“Rocker” Jeans – Indigo

“Rocker” Jeans – Black

Deluxe x Hanes – 3 Pack Tees – Black (Available in V-Neck and Crew Neck)

Deluxe x Hanes – 3 Pack Tees – White (Available in V-Neck and Crew Neck)

“Buick” Wingtips – Beige (Made by Regal)

“Buick” Wingtips – Black (Made by Regal)

“Hoodlum” Wallet – Black

“Hoodlum” Wallet – Brown

“Chips” Bow Tie – Olive, Blue Stripe, Orange Check, Blue Check


Sunday, 7th August, 2011

Support Socks

From our friends at Support. Now in store.


Sunday, 7th August, 2011

Imperial Brand Clothing

Imperial jeans finally back in stock. 3 new cuts for the store.




SEXI14 – Self Edge x Imperial

PROXI – Pronto x Imperial


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