January 2015

Wednesday, 28th January, 2015

Apartment News – Neighborhood and Wtaps new arrivals

Wtaps, Neighborhood and Apartment, kicking off 2015.



Monday, 19th January, 2015

New Chup Socks!

New Chup Socks in the building!



Tuesday, 13th January, 2015

A Love Supreme Records – The Store – Now Open

In case you might have missed it, we have recently undertaken a new endeavour with our good friends Alex Intas and Paul Marino’s with the ” A Love Supreme Records” store. Curated, quality vinyl. Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, Latin, Dub, European, Exotica, Psych, Hip Hop, Electro, House, Electronic, Bass, Breaks, Grooves and all that goodness. The new chapter of A Love Supreme that should hopefully also result in a lot more parties. Check it out, right next to Ben’s Burgers.



Tuesday, 13th January, 2015

Apartment News – The New Apartment Tee’s in the building.

This round of Apartment tee’s are a little something extra special. This time we’ve worked with some of the local crew to mark our recently passed 8 years in the game.


Introducing the collaborators, Gear Store Brisbane of West End, and LUX BMX in the Valley. Both have been holdin’ it down and building for their respective communities, whilst always being open minded and supportive of so much outside of their immediate circles. That’s what it’s all about. Much love.


Available at Apartment, Lux BMX and Gear in a very limited run. Check them online at www.luxbmx.com and www.gearbrisbane.com

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