Thursday, 4th May, 2017

Apartment Product Highlights – visvim FBT Sneaker

With the recent arrival of visvim to the Apartment shelves, it seems only fitting to highlight what is arguably the most recognisable silhouette from the brand to date. The visvim FBT sneaker has made quite am impact on the streetwear community,ever since it’s first release as a part of founder, Hiroki Nakamura’s second collection in 2001. Nakamura regards footwear as a daily tool and for this reason, believes that quiality and performance are of the highest priority. It is this search for quality that remains the driving force behind visvim design.

visvim FBT sneaker boxes

Since the original Elk Leather model, the FBT has taken many forms, with variations in design details and materials. The current season offers a rough suede in both Black and Camel. The design takes inspiration for the Native American moccasin with a number of leather and suede details, most notably, the skirting that wraps around the ankle. The current iteration features a solid skirt with leather tie fastening and glass beading detail.

visvim FBT sneaker in black suede visvim FBT sneaker in black suede

The FBT is known for it’s quality and individuality. This may be due to the contrast between the raw materials of the upper and the more contemporary sneaker sole. The shoe is set on a replaceable Vibram sole with brand detailing on the outer back half. In creating the concept for the FBT, Nakamura was determined to design a product that would fit his criteria of quality materials and construction with a Native American influence, as well as the practicality to be worn in the city. As a result, the sneaker sole was chosen. The Vibram sole compliments the upper, creating an extremely comfortable shoe that is easy and practical to wear.

visvim FBT sneaker in black suede