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Wednesday, 24th August, 2011


2011 SS – “Muddy Town”

“Memphis” Blazer – Black

“Memphis” Blazer – Blue

“Memphis” Blazers – Beige

“Bittersweet” Cardigan – Navy

“Impala” 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan – Red

Radar Shirt – Blue Check

“Maryland” Pants – Beige

“Thunder Bolt” Pants – Beige

“Thunder Bolt” Pants – Grey

“Rocker” Jeans – Indigo

“Rocker” Jeans – Black

Deluxe x Hanes – 3 Pack Tees – Black (Available in V-Neck and Crew Neck)

Deluxe x Hanes – 3 Pack Tees – White (Available in V-Neck and Crew Neck)

“Buick” Wingtips – Beige (Made by Regal)

“Buick” Wingtips – Black (Made by Regal)

“Hoodlum” Wallet – Black

“Hoodlum” Wallet – Brown

“Chips” Bow Tie – Olive, Blue Stripe, Orange Check, Blue Check


Tuesday, 25th May, 2010

Deluxe “1956” SS10 – 2nd Delivery

Recently received our last delivery of Deluxe for the season.

“Lost Highway” Jackets

“Rambler” Reversible Jacket (Side 1)

“Rambler” Reversible Jacket (Side 2)

“Maryland” Pants

Hanes x Deluxe V Neck Tees (3 Pack)

“Lemonade” Reversible Tees (Side 1)

“Lemonade” Reversible Tees (Side 2)

“Pearl” Shirt

“Diner” Shirt